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STRATEGIES TO SUPPORT THE COVID-19 RESPONSE IN LMICs - Shared screen with speaker view
Hopkins CGH
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Hopkins CGH
Please feel free to introduce yourselves and where you are from here in the Chat. Be sure to set it to go to “ALL PANELISTS AND ATTENDEES” so everyone can see!
Fethia Buser
Hi, This is Fethia from Ethiopia
Dian K Nurputra
Good morning. Evening here. I am Dian K Nurputra from Indonesia. Thank you for the webinar. Nice to see you all.
Dr. Gregora Salazar
Good morning everyone, here is Dr. Salazar from Argentina
ricky lu
Ricky @ Jhpiego in Baltimore
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ricky lu
Ricky@jhpiego...Thanks Dr. Inglesby. With NPI's, can you comment a) on universal mask use as an alternative for social distancing? (In most large urban cities in LMIC, living conditions in informal settlements make it difficult for social distancing); b) with the R number, what would be the data points to use to calculating r numbers in LMIC? thanks in advance
Mutsa Bwakura-Dangarembizi
Hello, Mutsa from Zimbabwe
Hopkins CGH
We will have this seminar recording posted along with our other recordings and resources here: http://hopkinsglobalhealth.org/resources/covid-19-resources/strategies-to-support-the-covid-19-response-in-lmics-a-virtual-seminar-series
Fethia Buser
What are the thoughts or hypothesis when could COVID 19 be no more a public health threat? even after a vaccine introduction.
ricky lu
Ricky@jhpiego thanks so much for the insightful presentation on social distancing...when messaging social distancing to flatten the curve, .what would be your recommendation to communicate to the general community the physical distancing plus the other NPI measures like use of masks, self quarantine hand hygiene etc. for providers in facilities and community how would that impact how they provide essential services in MNH, FP etc. ….thanks again for sharing your thoughts
Amy Bloom
Some organizations are asking people to take their temp at home and not to come in if they have a fever of >100. Do you think this is feasible/useful? Are there any data or information from which to extrapolate about adherence to these recs by individuals? Thanks!
Anima Sharma
Thanks for a nice presentation and discussion.
Natalie Culbertson
GHSP has published a couple articles that focus on LMICs and might be of interest. Will the Higher-Income Country Blueprint for COVID-19 Work in Low- and Lower Middle-Income Countries? https://doi.org/10.9745/GHSP-D-20-00217. Coping With COVID-19: Learning From Past Pandemics To Avoid Pitfalls and Panic https://www.ghspjournal.org/page/covid.
Mary Fassnacht
Thank you for a great presentation!
Hopkins CGH
Thanks so much for joining us, everyone! We’ll forward these questions to Tom and will post on our website.
Dr. Gregora Salazar
Thank you! Great presentation
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Fethia Buser
Thanks fo rthe nice presentation