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STRATEGIES TO SUPPORT THE COVID-19 RESPONSE IN LMICs - Shared screen with speaker view
Hopkins CGH
Thanks for joining us, everyone!
Hopkins CGH
Feel free to add your questions in the Q+A box and we will answer as many as we can at the end
Hopkins CGH
Let us know in the chat! What misinformation have you seen, and where are you from?
Anima Sharma
Hi, I am Anima Sharma from INDIA
Anima Sharma
I wonder but I find this a perfect platform to clear one of the belief spreading in our part is that heat would kill this virus
Anima Sharma
Is this true?
Anima Sharma
If heat would then at what temperature
Anima Sharma
Is it OK to use herbal concoctions we take for the general flue
Anima Sharma
Thanks, I also think the same because in India it is the peak summer season and the cases are risingrapidly here
marcia rollock
Hi all Marcia from Trinidad. We found that social distancing and personal hygiene has helped. Also following the guidelines from the public health officials in daily public briefings
Anima Sharma
Sometimes lack of information and today's time of IT revolution, 'over' information is leading to several types of stigma and discrimination. I read a case that when a medical doctor came back after being quarentined to her homw then her neighbours misbehaved with her. It is shocking but
Anima Sharma
lot of hammering about the contagiousness of the virus has created havoc.
Anima Sharma
Then there are news that somebody under quarentine committed suicide.
Anima Sharma
And at the same time people are ignoring social distancing in their interest. Are they not , putting all the people at risk?
Anima Sharma
This is a unique pandemic. Do you think the guidelines issued by WHO are absolute?
Anima Sharma
I think media should play responsible role in giving information. Because audience is from different background and at different level of exposure and understanding.