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MPH Virtual Open House - Shared screen with speaker view
Adam Anas
So, if I am from an English speaking country like Ghana and have undertaken all my education in English including International courses, do I still require English proficiency certificate?
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Hi Adam! If your WES evaluation confirms that the language of instruction was in English then you do not need to submit English language proficiency scores.
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Also, Ghana does fall under the list of English speaking countries here: https://publichealth.jhu.edu/offices-and-services/office-of-admissions-services/international-applicants
Sanwal Shahzad
Is it mandatory to have an evaluation from WES for all non-English speaking international students?
Adam Anas
Thank you 🙏
Marie Diener-West
@Sanwal, yes, all international transcripts must have a WES evaluation
Mohua Chakraborty
By when WES evaluation has to be completed?
Savitri A Nandula
Hello, from whom should we get the letters of recommendation?
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Hi Mohua, since it can take a long time, we typically recommend you start the credentialing process 4-6 months before your application deadline. However, after the credential evaluation agency receives, reviews, and approves the documents from all issuing academic institutions, it will usually take about 7-10 business days to complete the evaluation.
Adam Anas
Am interested in the online MPH program. what are the next steps from here
Is there a full list of applicable 2-year prior professional experience?
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Hi Savitri, we recommend a mix of both academic and professional letters of recommendation (however, if professional references are more relevant to your background then that is fine as well).
Savitri A Nandula
Thank you
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Hi Adam - please see our website for admissions requirements here: https://publichealth.jhu.edu/academics/mph/requirements. The application deadline for June 2023 start is December 1st. You can apply through SOPHAS here: https://publichealth.jhu.edu/offices-and-services/office-of-admissions-services/how-to-apply.
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Yu -- we do not have an official list of verified health-related work experience, but you are welcome to send us your resume/cv if you are unsure about past work experience.
Eshita Garg
As a med student, I'd be taking a LOA to pursue my MPH. However, our curricular schedule is different because in March, we have a 10 day bootcamp for clerkships. I was wondering if it would be possible to work around this schedule? Thanks!
Adam Anas
Thank you for the information
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Hi Eshita, if you are interested in the full-time option you must be registered for 12 or more credits each term so we generally do not recommend trying to attempt the full-time program while maintaining anything more than 10 or so hours’ worth of other work/commitments.
Jeff Pituch
If accepted to the program, are students able to defer enrollment for a year?
Joanne David
For the personal statement, I have not found a specific word count or page limit for the personal statement - can you please clarify the limit?
Sarah Arunachalam
On SOPHAS, what kinds of experiences and achievements would you like to be uploaded to support our application?
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Hi Jeff, yes admitted students may defer their enrollment only once for up to one year after their initial start date.
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Hi Joanne -- there is not a word limit but we recommend that applicants try to keep their statement to 1-2 pages.
Mohua Chakraborty
How and when to apply for scholarship for international student?
EWoldemeskel’s iPhone
I am a medical doctor from Ethiopia with one year of professional experience in addition to extensive community and volunteer work in different areas of public health. Am I qualified to apply to the MPH program or will I need 2 years of work experience?
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Hi Sarah -- you are welcome to add any extra info that might not be found on your resume/cv.
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Mohua -- your application for admission serves as the scholarship application!
Ugochi Ejiogu
Is the application deadline rolling after December 1st or is it a hard stop on December 1st?
Sherin Samuel
Does the admissions process also include an interview?
Sharese Essien
The December 1st deadline is a priority deadline
Zi Li S. (she/they)
EWoldemeskel -- you will need a minimum 2 years of professional (i.e., full-time, paid) health-related work experience. We cannot accept volunteer work unless it was considered full-time & paid.
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Sherin - we do not have an interview as part of our application process!
Sharese Essien
The admissions process does not include an interview for the MPH program
What is the regular admissions deadline for 2022-2023 cycle?
Ugochi Ejiogu
Thank you, Sharese!
Zi Li S. (she/they)
December 1st is the priority application deadline, we will stop accepting applications on or around January 15th.
Dr. Rajni
Do Medical students include dentistry as well?
Dr. Rajni
Do dentists also require 2+ years of work experience?
Ugochi Ejiogu
Thank you, Zi Li!
Sanwal Shahzad
I have taken my bachelors program in English in Pakistan. My university can provide an English proficiency certificate if needed, is it acceptable for MPH program or I need IELTS academic scores?
I currently work as an Occupational health and safety professional does my field qualify for health related field? I am interested in joining an MPH program after I gain two years of experience
Dr. Rajni
Do you accept international students with less than 100 Toefl scores? Are there any section-specific scores as well?
Sarah A
In addition to the question about the deadline above - is it possible to submit the application prior to having all 3 references?
Savitri A Nandula
Hi, What does an MD degree include in a dual degree?
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Hi Dr. Rajni, our Admissions Coordinator, Sharese Essien, can address your question further in the breakout rooms. Sanwal — you don't need IELTS if your WES eval can confirm that the language of instruction was English.
Dr. Rajni
Thank you, Zi
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Kisanet -- yes! It depends on the role and responsibilities of your actual position, but in general the occ health and safety field is fine.
Mohua Chakraborty
Do we need to sign in separately through CSS profile for getting scholarship for international students?
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Also Dr. Rajni -- we do not accept anything less than a TOEFL score of 100 but we also accept other english language prof exams here: https://publichealth.jhu.edu/offices-and-services/office-of-admissions-services/international-applicants
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Sarah A - yes, that would be fine, but we cannot begin reviewing your application until you have at least 2 references
Thank you Zi, appreciate you and the entire JHU team for putting this virtual panel!!
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Savitri -- you can learn more about our MD/MPH dual degree program here: https://publichealth.jhu.edu/academics/mph/program-options
Eshita Garg
Would anyone be able to speak about the SCOR concentration/program within the 1 year fulltime MPH?
Eshita Garg
yes! I mean that
Seyiram’s iPhone
Hello. How soon after starting the year are you supposed to decide on your capstone project topic?How many concentrations are you allowed to have, that is, per person?
Cathie Healey (she/her)
With the full time, in person MPH program, is there time to work a job as well?
Preeti Shakya
In the funding section, it says that applicants who do not submit standardized test scores are at a disadvantage. Does that mean you GRE is one of the determining factors for scholarships?
Cathie Healey (she/her)
Thank you
Sarah A
Question to Jasmine or anyone who would like to answer - what would your advice be to prospective students who might not have already decided on a specific career path/ focused field of study + how they can portray this positively in their SOP
Joanne David
Is it common to get international opportunities for completing your practicum or capstone project If you are interested in global health? If so, can you provide some examples of international practicums or capstone that past students have done?
Any scholarship or other financial aid opportunity for international students?
Lincoln Hopkins
I unfortunately have to go to work, but will the link to this recording be emailed to us? Thank you all so much!
Mansingh Aidee
What is the minimal requirements for getting scholarship in MPH?
Dr. Rajni
If we have done our Bachelors degree in English, do we still need 100 to apply?
Emily Creegan
Hello everyone, thank you for sharing your experiences. Were any of our panelists Bloomberg Fellows and if so, can you share any insight to some experience you felt set you apart from other applicants? I am currently a Public Health Laboratory Scientist, but it's a little intimidating being amongst all of these doctors!
Zi Li S. (she/they)
Hi Lincoln, the session recording will be posted on the central admissions website!
Hello. Would part time post-graduate public health experience count towards the 2 years requirement?
Sanwal Shahzad
Im a management consultant from Pakistan, I have 2 years work experience working for Department of Health of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. I am currently working on a large-scale revamp project of government health facilities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan focused on improving MNCH services. My background is Bachelors of Business Administration, am i eligible for the program?
Cathie Healey (she/her)
Is the area around Hopkins bikeable? I tend to commute by bicycle no matter where I live. Is this feasible?
Marisa Gamez
Can we do this Master choosing the courses of Social and Behavior Interventions?
Taylor Binnix Baylus
@Cathie, there is a very active bicycle scene in Baltimore, including around Bloomberg. In fact, Baltimore is working to improve the bikeway on a high-traffic corridor leading up to Bloomberg--commuting by bike is doable!
Cathie Healey (she/her)
@Taylor Thank you!
Marie Diener-West
@Marisa, we have a Concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences
Sanwal Shahzad
How can we connect with the panel or administration after the open house?
Kylie White
Hello, Where are these break out links available?
Jasmine Williams
@Sarah- that is a great question! Not having a decided career path is not a problem at all with this program. There is so much room to learn and explore what your interests are. Additionally because the program is so flexible and there is the option to customize. In terms of your SOP- be sure to translate well what skills you have developed from previous experiences
Zi Li S. (she/they)
FYI you can find this session’s recording later today on the Admissions website here: https://publichealth.jhu.edu/offices-and-services/office-of-admissions-services/information-sessions-and-open-house
Lisa Omoragbon
Thank you for your time
Hannah Gleason