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Women in Global Health: Exploring Non-Academic Careers - Shared screen with speaker view
Hopkins CGH
Yes, Nhi, we are recording!
Anna Kalbarczyk
Everyone should feel free to introduce themselves in the chatbox throughout the session!
Vira David-Rivera
Vira David-Rivera, Johns Hopkins University, Gates Institute
Namratha Potharaj
Hi Everyone, I am Namratha. I am a recent MSE graduate from the Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design, and currently working as a research engineer on a project focused on cataract surgery in low-resource settings. I'm excited for the seminar today!
Angie Woodbury
Hello everyone. My name is Angie Woodbury and I am entering my third year of medical school at the University of Manitoba in Canada.
Ranu Malhi
Hi everyone, my name is Ranu Malhi and I am a newly qualified paediatrician from Toronto
Leah Guy
Leah Guy, MSW/MPH, working at Alight in Minneapolis, MN
Monet Slinowsky
Hi everyone! I'm an MSE student from the Center for Bioengineering Design & Innovation. I am focusing on innovative malaria interventions for SSA!
Arijit Shith
Hello everyone, myself Arijit , currently Persuing Master of Public Health at Central University of Kerala, India
Aliye Runyan
Hi! i am a practicing obgyn/family planning physician in Westchester county, New York
Ana Sofía Domit Córdova
Hello everyone, my name is Ana Sofia Domit Córdova, M.D. and master student of Global Health at Maastricht university, sub-deputy of Medical Mission Network México
Mansi Verma
Hello everyone! I'm Mansi Verma and I'm going to be a first year Masters in Public Health student for Global Health Epidemiology at the University of Michigan!
Buthaina Karaman
Hi all! I'm Buthaina Karaman and I work for a small NGO called Village Life Outreach Project as the Program and Development Director
Cat Martinez
Hello, my name is Cat, I am a research analyst in Los Angeles CA. I double majored for my MPH in epidemiology and global health.
Dorte Thorndike
Dorte Thorndike, Nurse Manager at the Johns Hopkins Children's Cenetr and DrPH student in Health Policy and Management at the JH School of Public Health
Varsha Bhashyakarla
Hello everyone! I am Varsha, a physician from India and an MPH student at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Barbara Esgalhado
Hi, My name is Barbara Duarte Esgalhado and I'm a clinical and research psychologist working at the University of Pittsburgh's Center for the Care of Infectious Diseases. I work as part of a multidisciplinary team. I especially enjoy working with the women we serve who have HIV.
Hello everyone, I am Haidy Juarez. I work for the Local Initiative Health Authority for Los Angeles County- L.A. Care Health Plan in California
Raquel Alencastro Veiga Domingues Carneiro
Hi everyone! My name is Raquel Alencastro, I am a medical student from Brazil and I am very interested in global health! Thank you for sharing this seminar!
Mariana Bendavit
Hi! I'm a MSE student from the Center for Bioengineering Design & Innovation.
Michelle Adeniyi
Hi all! Michelle Adeniyi, MS Global Health University of Notre Dame. I'm a program analyst based in Chicago. Thanks for putting on this seminar!
Ana Raquel Da Costa
Hi everyone! Ana Raquel Da Costa, I am currently the Program Director for Malaria Research, Center for Vaccine Development, at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.
Kaitlyn Friedman
Hi! Kaitlyn Friedman - received my MScGH from Duke and am now working at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in Washington DC
Catherine Kafu
Hi everyone, My name is Catherine Kafu, I'm a PhD student at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
Bonnie Katalenich
Hello! I’m Bonnie Katalenich a Doctoral Candidate at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. My dissertation topic is postpartum contraception and female empowerment in Zambia.
Natalia Woolley
Hello everyone ! I'm Natalia Woolley in Los Angeles finishing up my PhD and about to start a STC position with the World Bank.
Sangeetha Noble
Hi Everyone! My name is Sangeetha Noble and I’m entering my last year pursuing my bachelors degree in Health Policy. I’m exploring different opportunities to pursue an MPH.
Jonta Kamara
Hello everyone, my name is Jonta Kamara and I am a student pursuing an MHS in epidemiology.
Brenice Duroseau
Good afternoon everyone. My name is Brenice and I will be starting my PhD journey at Hopkins in the fall.
Anne Steinberg
Hi everyone! My name is Anne Steinberg and I’m a second year MSPH student in Global Disease Epidemiology Control at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Oyindamola Yusuf
hello everyone. am a Biostatistician who has just relocated to the US. been difficult finding a job for the past one year. have several years experience in teaching graduate students and in research. pls reach out to me at bidemiyusuf1@gmail.com. or 7708758299. I live in Georgia and wont like to relocate because of my kids. thanks
Tiffany Eberhard
Hello! I am Tiffany Eberhard, an MPH student and Curran Scholar at Emory University pursuing a degree in Global Environmental Health.
Julie Thompson
Hi all, my name is Julie Thompson, DVM MPH and I am earning my PhD in biomedical sciences at Tulane University in New Orleans
Erin Riley
Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all. My name is Erin Riley and I will pursue my PhD this next cycle. Currently I work at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. I have worked in global health for over 10 years. I would like to shift my career back into global sexual and reproductive health.
Abdul Basit
hi everine, My name is A.Basit, physiotherapist and Student of MPH at IM Sciences University Pakistan
Lydia Sa
Hello Everyone,
Keri Geiger
Hi y’all, I’m Keri Geiger, nurse, former Doctors Without Borders expat field staff, and current DNP/PhD student at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. My background and current research focuses on HIV and drug-resistant tuberculosis, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. Hoping to go back to humanitarian health care when I finish the PhD!
Khudejha Asghar
Hi all, I am Khudejha, pursuing a PhD in Public Health in Baltimore, MD (USA). I do research on gender-based violence, focusing on the home, in settings with ongoing or recent political conflict. Interested in connecting with women working in global health, especially all the amazing women from the Global South!
Teresa Reimer
Hello! I am Teresa Reimer, a nurse practitioner and PhD student at Johns Hopkins. I am exploring the role of creative arts in mitigating the effects of trauma.
Joy Nicholas
Hi everyone, my name is Joy Nicholas and I am first year graduate student studying global health at Emory University.
Angelica Ezeigwe
Hello all! My name is Kene Ezeigwe. I'm currently on hiatus from medical school to pursue an MPH at the JHSPH. Excited to be here, learn and get connected!
Lydia Sa
Hello Everyone, thank you for having us. Lydia Sa, MPH pursuing PhD in International Political Economy & Development at Old Dominion University. Currently work in Global Health at Eastern Virginia Medical School; looking to move my career into the non-academic realm (for now) ☺️
Dana Sanders
Hello All, I am Dana Sanders, Med/Peds and HIV physician in Memphis, TN looking to redirect my career back towards global health now that I’m out of fellowship.
Anvita Bhardwaj
Hi everyone, my name is Anvita Bhardwaj and I am an incoming PhD student in the Department of Mental Health at JHSPH focusing on global mental health.
Richelle Bolyard
Hi, I'm Richelle Bolyard, and pleased to be among so many peers. I'm looking and learning for my next step to make an impact through structural change and interventions. I'm at Hopkins School of Nursing, where I work on projects addressing Intimate Partner Violence and Intimate Partner Homicide prevention.
Metasebia Assefa
Hi everyone, my name is Metty. I'm a Research Program Coordinator currently based in Toronto. I did my MSc. in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences from University of Ottawa.
Caitlin Salloum
Hello everyone! My name is Caitlin Salloum, and I am an incoming MSPH student in Global Disease Epidemiology and Control at JHSPH. In the future, I plan to attend medical school and work in humanitarian health.
Elizabeth Kavanaugh
Hello, I am Elizabeth Kavanaugh. I am a nurse-midwife in Portland, Oregon enrolled in the Global Health Practice certificate program through OPAL. Thank you for this great talk.
Michelle Arteaga
Hi ladies! My name is Michelle Arteaga. I am a Program Manager for Global Anesthesia at Stanford and am looking to build my career in global health. I have masters degrees in Health Care Administration and Global Health
Cecily Cook
Hi all, happy to be here today! My name is Cecily Cook. I have an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from Lund University in Sweden and am currently enrolled in UNC-Chapel Hill's Master of Public Administration program, focusing on Public Health
Fleesie Hubbard
Hi All, I’m cofounder of www.mentaabroad.org; a nonprofit organization focused on providing humanitarian medical care and in-country capacity building relative to disorders of the head & neck in communities with limited access to care. We are a volunteer team of inter-professional health practitioners from University of Maryland, Baltimore. If your practice/community is in need of clinical head & neck services, I would love to connect linkedin.com/in/fleesiehubbard
Nomisha Kurian
Hi everyone, I'm Nomi :) I'm at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education, doing my PhD on the wellbeing of children exposed to violence and how education can support violence prevention.
Shayna Goldfine
Hi Everyone I'm Shayna Goldfine pursuing my PhD in Public health focusing on Disaster management at Tulane School of Public Health, while working full time in city emergency management.
shaista madad
Hi everyone, I am Shaista. I am doing an MS in Bionformatics at NYU and am interested in exploring the utility of bioinformatics tools in public health research
Alexandra Vasilyeva
Hello everyone! My name is Alexandra and I'm pursuing a doctorate in biomedical engineering at the University of Oxford
Anna Kalbarczyk
We are preparing for the Q&A session. If you have any questions for Dr. Mancuso please go ahead and post them
Marika David
Hello everyone! My name is Marika, I'm an incoming PhD student in JHSPH in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Bunmi Ogungbe
Hi everyone, my name is Bunmi – a nurse and PhD student at Johns Hopkins University. My research focuses on developing and adapting hypertension medication adherence strategies to low-resourced settings. I have an MPH in Epidemiology – worked on infectious diseases and adolescent reproductive health research projects. Very interested in a career in Global health.
Anna Kalbarczyk
We will try to get through as many as possible.
Heather Jue-Wong
What advice do you have for young women professionals working in hierarchal and gendered settings where age and sex affects how we're seen and respected?
Michelle Adeniyi
Can you speak a little bit more about how you utilized mentorship in your career?
Ramya Ambi
This is really powerful talk, thank you for doing what you do.(Ramya Ambikapathi, JHSPH alumni)
Alison Pack
Hi everyone, I am a program manager at JHU currently involved in clinical research and just completed my MAS in Community based primary health care programs in global health through JHSPH. I am looking to grow my career in global health and involvement in community health care programs
Kait Atkins
I would also love to hear more about mentorship -- both the role of mentorship in your career, and your role as a mentor
Manka Banda
This is a question for Anna. Will you share the results of the poll? I would be interesting in knowing what others thought
Anna Kalbarczyk
Yes we are going to share the results as soon as we reach the Q&A section!
Rachel Wittenauer
Can you say more about how the impacts you made were different in an academic vs. non-academic career setting? Also interested in hearing more about mentorship
Madeline Farron
What role have your academic credentials played in obtaining leadership roles in global health? (e.g. masters vs PhD, etc.)
Dana Sanders
what are the best resources for finding jobs in global health both academic and non-academic/NGO for those who have completed their medical training?
Michelle Arteaga
Can you please share any strategies for salary negotiation?
Lydia Sa
Thank you so much for this excellent talk and opportunity to participate. What resources or activities do you recommend for young professionals looking to grow their career in the field, particularly those who are not clinical and seem to be in lower demand than those with more clinical skills? To echo the questions of others, I too would like to hear more about mentorship. Thank you!
Alison Pack
Thank you, Dr. Mancuso! Great talk!
Michelle Choy
What are some of the top skills that young women should develop as they are thinking about going into global health?
Keri Geiger
I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to bring nursing to the table in such a physician-heavy field. I feel like it’s my credentials as a nurse rather than an MD that hold me back from leadership positions rather than being female.
Cat Martinez
I would like to know if you can share your thoughts about how important health professions degrees (MD, Nursing, etc.) and PhDs are for pursuing a career in global health.
Raquel Alencastro Veiga Domingues Carneiro
How can I as a medical student learn more about global health, develop skills and bring ideas in terms of global health to change my own community?
Lindsey Breier
Would it be possible to set up a slack group for women in global health, as a way to further connect the 250+ women on this chat today?
Deborah Chan
Upvote for this question from Keri!!
Kait Atkins
great idea Lindsey
Cecily Cook
@Lindsey Breier - Slack is a great idea!!
Sandra Ciborowski
Thank you so much for the great talk! I recently received my PhD in chemistry from JHU and am continuing as a postdoc. It is very inspiring to hear your background and your perserverance without much support from women specifically. Thank you again!
Angie Woodbury
I love that idea too ^^
Raquel Alencastro Veiga Domingues Carneiro
@Lindsey Breier - Very nice idea thank you!
Hopkins CGH
@lindsey Breier- that is a wonderful idea. We will make that happen!
Aliye Runyan
i am a physician currently unaffiliated with a university system and want to get involved in sustainable global health work - are there opportunities within Jhpiego?
Lindsey Breier
@Hopkins CGH, thanks so much! Looking forward to connecting with this group!
georgia boles
New career change for me. Interested in mentorship. Want to get into college to obtain a degree in Public Health leadership. Very interested in Administrative Covid-19 Contract Tracer. Ready to work from home, while in college.
Randa Collins
Thank you for this talk. It was very informative, especially as a woman of color. I wanted to know what are some good skills that woman could develop in order make us more competitive in the global health field?
Leah Schrubbe
Any advice for building a career in global health, with international travel, and balancing life with a family? Thanks!
Heather Jue-Wong
Kelli Wagner
also very interested in @Randa Collins' question
Angie Woodbury
@LeahSchrubbe great question
Michelle Arteaga
Thank you for discussing the intersectionality of feminism
Raquel Alencastro Veiga Domingues Carneiro
Meighan Mary
Can you discuss balance with family/children and how to leverage opportunities when you're no longer in your 20's or early 30's and have family obligations
Ankita Meghani
Thank you so much for talking about these issues so candidly!
Linda Vanotoo
Very useful information
Laura Fitzgerald
Do you have suggestions for how to claim that sense of self worth and confidence while "being comfortable with being uncomfortable"?
Kelli Wagner
yes @Laura! I tend to tell myself I don't have what it takes to be a leader, though I know I'm a competent clinician. advice/guidance about confidence would be very welcomed
Keren Herrán
Thank you Dr. Mancuso for sharing your insight and experience with us today. To everyone in this chat, I am a rising senior at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and I study global health. Ultimately, I aspire to enroll in a public health doctoral program that will equip me with the added training and credentials necessary to work in international settings in order to design, monitor, and evaluate interventions that mitigate public health issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. I am currently exploring DrPH and PhD options, if anyone would like to connect with me or provide advice my email is heke1@umbc.edu
Barbara Esgalhado
If you do have expertise and a decent work history, how to you move from the domestic to the global in women's health?
Manka Banda
Thank you for this presentation Dr. Mancuso. You spoke about how you engage with networks not explicitly related to health (like APEC, WTC Board). I really appreciated that advice because I think it's essential for innovation and just understanding the system within which global health programs and policies work. How do you decide which of these "other" networks to get involved in and do you have any advice on how to get involved in these new networks?
Sara Bennett
In our group we talked about:-
Yuka Manabe
Many young women faculty are busy with work-life balance so having ways to connect women who may have time would be helpful.
Bhakti Hansoti
We talked about - supporting mentors, changing institutional culture -> decrease mannals, address men and women the same ; lastly meaningful networks for connections
Sheree Schwartz
Some highlights from ours: 1) support and communication from leadership to give space for growth; 2) get on committees to help bring the change we desire (including search committees); 3) emphasizing within programs and mentorship the importance of networking and relationship building rather than just scientific leadership; 4) helping build relationships with organizations outside of public health and/or academia
Sara Bennett
1.need for more space for women in global health to network and reflect on their experiences 2. strengthening networking opportunities on campus 3. work with the organization Women in Global Health to leverage their resources and perhaps develop a local chapter 4. Mentorship - trying to formalize this recognizing constraints on peoples time
Bhakti Hansoti
Also - inequity in promotion pathways - staff scientists compared to tenure track professionals
Victoria Chou
Our group was great and provided great feedback about the benefits of institutionalizing mentorship structures which would facilitate transparency, how a program like that could be organized (and maybe with a manual or guiding principles to inform), and how these efforts should be recognized and rewarded for the longstanding value.
Chioma Ginikanwa
Global Health Mentorship provides a free #global, group-based #mentorshipprogram, which connects #students & #youngprofessionals with #globalhealth experts.Applications are open for the 2020 cohort: https://t.co/m8EKvd4Tg6
Becky Genberg
We discussed: 1) lack of discussion of women in leadership roles in many countries; 2) opportunities for networking and what you learn through networking vs. educational opportunities; 3) more practice in exercises in how to identify our core values; 4) working in teams and learning from others outside of academia even when in degree programs; 5) bridging disciplines and how to fuse networks and finding mentors across fields; 6) thinking about leadership as a characteristic vs. a position; 7) finding ways to mentor even if pressed for time or engaged in educational program; 8) slack!
Amira Amer
I hope we get the link for this recording with list of contacts
Michelle Arteaga
Thank you for this excellent, engaging session!
Victoria Chou
Thank you Dr. Mancuso and CGH for a fantastic session!
Mansi Verma
Thank you so much for this session!!!
Raquel Alencastro Veiga Domingues Carneiro
Thank you Dr. Mancuso!
Kelsey Murt
Thank you!
Leah Schrubbe
Wonderful talk - thanks!
Raquel Alencastro Veiga Domingues Carneiro
Thank you CGH!
Lindsey Breier
Thanks you to Dr. Mancuso, Anna and the CGH for facilitating!
Linda Vanotoo
Very useful session, great exposition
Monet Slinowsky
Thank you for this session! So engaging!
Marika David
Thank you for this session! It was awesome!
Ankita Meghani
Thank you!!
Khudejha Asghar
Thank you!
Bunmi Ogungbe
Thank you!
Keren Herrán
Laura Guay
Thank you everyone!